Draw this in your style (8)

Oulà, le temps est vite passé, déjà 1 mois que je n’ai pas posté !

J’ai fait quelques travaux chez moi, et voilà qu’on est déjà en juin…

Pour me remettre en jambe, je me suis lancée sur un nouveau Draw This In Your Style, de Miss Holly, pour la deuxième fois. Faut dire qu’elle a encore créé un super personnage, une sirène, du nom de Magdalena. Elle était trop belle pour que je passe à côté ^^

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☆ ☆ ☆ FEATURE GAME ! Read for details 🙂 ☆ ☆ ☆ .  Thank you to everyone who played with my first #drawthisinyourstyle character ! I’ve been having such a good time with everyone else’s character myself these past few weeks that I wanted to propose a new one. We’re much more numerous here now so I thought you guys would like something new to play with ! And because #mermay is almost upon us, it was the perfect opportunity to design a mermaid (so that I can maybe participate in the mermay prompts with my own character… #lazy) . So, meet Magdalene ! You can swipe to see a close up of her tattoo, face and hair piece. . I’ll feature every redraw in my stories from today to the end of May, with a special shoutout to my favorites in a pinned story for extra attention ! 👍 . ☆ ☆ ☆ RULES ☆ ☆ ☆ : . ☆ When you post your version of Magdalene, post this one in the second slide ! . ☆ Tag me in the description and add the hashtag #lovelymagda to make sure I’ll see your post (I missed so many at first in my first drawthis so this time I’m being all modern 2.0 with a dedicated #) . ☆ Feel free to combine her with Mermay prompts if you draw her during May ! . ☆ Last but not least : Magdalene is a very happy and confident mermaid. You may play with her design, for she is very stylish and open ! A fair warning though ; Magdalene is many things, but on a diet is not one of them. While you are more than welcome to give her more curves, do note that slimming her down more than this is not ok ! She doesn’t need it, and she doesn’t want it. I won’t feature your entry if you go down the diet road, and you’ll piss her off ! Not telling what she’ll do to you if you cross her 😁 Though it’s hard to believe, I know… For sweet, sweet Magda would never hurt a soul… 💀🍗 . Have fun ! 🌸😁 . #redraw #missholly #ladyholly #lady.holly #drawthisinyourstylechallenge #dtiys #dtiyschallenge #charadesign #characterdesign #OC #magdalene #mermaid #mermay #teal #red #digitalart #digitalpainting #photoshop #mermay2019 #artistsoninstagram

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Et cette fois, plutôt que de reprendre exactement la pose du personnage donnée par l’artiste, je l’ai dessiné non pas dans une, mais dans deux poses différentes !

La première, entrain de grignoter une oreille de pirate.

Et la seconde, avec son ami poulpe quand il était bébé.

Elle a été tellement cool à dessiner avec toutes ces transparences au niveau de la queue !

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